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The Purposes of SASD

  1. To promote and to provide leadership for the improvement and advancement of education for all
    Pre-K-12 schools in the state of South Dakota.

  2. To improve administrative leadership skills through on-going professional development programs.

  3. To improve educational funding and policies through active participation in the South Dakota legislative process.

The purposes of this organization shall be implemented by:

  1. Formulating comprehensive administrative structures that foster mutual interests to improve education on behalf of children.

  2. Unifying the professional efforts of member groups to enhance administrative leadership and improve education and enhance student achievement within the state.

  3. Establishing communications and encouraging cooperation among all groups of school
    administrators to improve education and student achievement.

  4. Improving the professional, economic and social value of Pre-K-12 education.

  5. Promoting educational research, publications and legislative initiatives to improve education and
    student achievement.

  6. Collaborating with concerned organizations to improve the overall quality of education in South



, Executive Director     , Administrative. Assistant

School Administrators of South Dakota
306 E. Capitol, Suite 150 P.O. Box 1141 Pierre, SD 57501-1141
Telephone: 605-773-2525, Fax: 605-773-2520

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